The Most Popular Hawaii Honeymoon Resorts

Being in Hawaii is like being in a secluded paradise somewhere. If you happen to love the beach, you will surely love it here. Azure beaches, with their powdery cream coloured sand are simply alluring. A stay at one of the Hawaii resorts will definitely make your vacation at the tropics something more enjoyable. If you are planning to spend your honeymoon here, there are a number of secluded Hawaii resorts you can choose from. Halekulani in Oahu is one resort you should see for yourself. It is a private haven in one of the most beautiful places here in Hawaii.

If there’s a luxurious retreat that offers the optimum seclusion and privacy, it is Halekulani. Because of its ideal location, it is one of the most popular Hawaii honeymoon resorts. The Executive Luxury Suite is spacious and decorated to perfection. The open balcony allows guests to experience the beauty of the ocean even from outside. Antique furniture and lots of indoor plants create a classic island ambience that is conducive to relaxation. The Diamond Head Suite offers a breathtaking view of the mountains and the deep blue waters of the Pacific. Comfortable seating areas located at the balcony provide additional relaxing space where guests can unwind any time of day. When it comes to accommodations, guests can expect only the best here. Because of its classy living spaces, Halekulani is among the best Hawaii hotels and resorts.

The Halekulani may be among the secluded Hawaii resorts in Oahu. However, you’d be impressed when it comes to shopping. Some of the world’s finest boutiques are right here. There are a couple of jewellers, a sundries shop where guests can shop for resort wear and souvenirs, as well as a spa boutique where one can shop for exclusive skincare and wellness line.

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Hawaii Resorts

Dining at the Halekulani is an experience guests will surely enjoy. Their key restaurants feature only the best chefs in the islands. Orchids is among their famous restaurants. Have some tropical favourites while enjoying the tranquil view of the ocean. Try the shrimp ravioli and their yummy goat cheese. Later, have a hearty dessert such as coconut cake and crème brulee. For a fancier ambience, guests can try La Mer. You can try their lobster tail and their roasted duck breasts—two very popular dishes of the house.

Because of its location, the Halekulani is considered to be an ideal wedding venue. Hawaii resorts wedding packages are very popular among couples who are planning to have a tropical wedding. Halekulani has its own wedding package which you can take advantage of.

The Spa is also award winning, with experts that deliver soothing massages and body treatments. The open design of the spa brings inside a garden view that is very relaxing and grounding to the senses. The spa menu consists of a number of aromatherapy treatments that are effective in removing all kinds of aches and pains. The Hapai massage is popular among pregnant women who want to feel good while on vacation. With so many treatments to choose from, guests are sure to be relaxed and well taken care of.

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